Metal Maidens Ignite the Fusion of Heavy Metal and Horror in Upcoming 2024 Calendar – Exclusive Insights on COFOH Live & Undead

TONIGHT 11/15/2023

 8PM Mountain Time 

Denver, CO – The Metal Maidens, a revered sisterhood for fans of heavy metal and the macabre, are thrilled to announce their much-anticipated 2024 calendar and 2024 COFOH & Metal Maidens Horror Pin Up Book. This exclusive unveiling will be teased during a special edition of COFOH Live & Undead, hosted by the enigmatic Daniel Crosier, where Metal Maidens founder Amy Asche will sit down with members Lily Kinx, Paige Prada, Brooke Savage, and Danie Domina for a deep dive into the realms of community, heavy metal, and horror.

The live chat, accessible on YouTube, provided fans and newcomers alike with a tantalizing glimpse into the collaborative spirit and passion that fuels the Metal Maidens. The organization, known for its bold celebration of music and dark culture, has been teasing the public with snippets of what to expect in their latest calendar - a project that represents the fusion of art, thematic photography, and of course, the unyielding spirit of heavy metal.

Watch the full conversation here:

"Reflecting on our community, heavy metal, and horror, we are crafting a calendar that's much more than a collection of dates," proclaims Amy Asche, Metal Maidens founder. "It’s a manifesto of our lifestyle, a tribute to the subcultures that define us, and a gathering of powerful individuals who embrace their fierceness both on stage and in everyday life."

Scheduled for release on January 5th, 2024 Metal Maidens calendar promises to bring the raw energy of live performances and the eerie allure of horror to aficionados worldwide. Each month will be artistically curated, featuring the Metal Maidens in settings that pay homage to the heavy metal genre and horror aesthetics.

Amy's appearance on COFOH Live & Undead is just the beginning of a series of events expected to stir the heavy metal community in anticipation of the calendar release. With Daniel Crosier guiding the discussions and eliciting stories from these iconic women of metal, the session on COFOH Live & Undead serves as an appetizer to the visual feast that the Metal Maidens will offer in their calendar and 2024 Pin UP book Collaboration with COFOH and the dozens of talented artists contributing to the collectable book.

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Join the Metal Maidens as they gear up to dominate 2024 with a year-round celebration of sound and horror, promising a calendar that is not just a marker of time, but a landmark for heavy metal heritage.



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**About Metal Maidens:**

Metal Maidens is an organization dedicated to championing the unity and representation of women within the heavy metal community. Incorporating elements of horror and the fantastical, Metal Maidens provides a platform for female empowerment through music, events, and annual themed calendars. With a committee of dedicated enthusiasts and artists, the organization stands as a bastion for those who find solace and energy in the world of heavy metal culture.

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