4 MONTHS To Sailing!

Attention Sailors! Prepare for an unforgettable Heavy Metal Vacation onboard the Freedom of the Seas at 70000TONS OF METAL 2024. In just 4 MONTHS, you’ll witness a lineup of 60 of the best Metal bands from around the World rock…

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Interview with Metal Maidens Magazine Tex

Meet Tex Mars McFadden, an inspiring nonbinary model for Metal Maidens magazine. Tex's love for metal and its fashion has driven them towards this creative path, where they have found a family in the community and a supportive group of…

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Interview with Metal Maidens Magazine Lily Kinx

In the world of metal music, it's not all about the band members and the music itself. There's also the fans and a group of individuals making waves in the scene, the Metal Maidens. These women promote the local metal…

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