Who are the Metal Maidens?  

Who are the Metal Maidens? 

The Metal Maidens are an all-female street team for touring and local artists 

The team is made up of national and local volunteers 

What do the Metal Maidens do?  

Hand out local concert flyers and announcements at shows.  

Promote and attend local shows.  

Sell and model merchandise for local bands.  

Participate in themed photo shoots and an annual calendar contest.  

Make meals and prepare care packages for touring artists.  

Find lodging, showers and rest stops for touring…

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Confidentiality Agreement: 

This agreement is put in place to ensure everyone’s safety and confidentiality of personal information within the group. 
THIS CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT BETWEEN:  Resident Rock Star LLC and their official street team The Metal Maidens & The “Employee” (Metal Maiden’s, Prospects, Volunteers, etc.… working with or under RRS and its sub companies)  
1.      The “Employee” is currently or may be employed as an Employee with the Employer for the position of: Resident Rock Star or Metal Maidens staff /…

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