Metal Maidens 2023 Calendar Contest

Welcome Metal Heads to the 2023 Metal Maidens Calendar Contest voting! 

Voting starts December 1st and ends December 3rd. 

There are two ways you can vote and show your support for your favorite Metal Maidens! 

You can vote on our poll once every 24 hours for the next 3 days or 72 hours. 

Starting on December 1st. 

You can also comment on your favorite contestants post and tell us what month you want them to be or even what photos you like.

You must be a member to comment. 

(Make sure you check your spam to verify your email address) 

After voting ends on December 3rd our team will verify all the votes and comments and check each contestant for application completion.

We will announce the winners who will go on to be in the 2023 Metal Maidens Calendar, on our website the Following week. 

Those winners will then have the chance to compete at our Calendar Release Show on January 7th @ Black Sky Brewery in Denver Colorado to win the title, the crown and all the prizes!

Remember you have until midnight on December 3rd to complete all necessary steps and be included in the 2023 Metal Maidens Calendar Contest.

Thanks for voting!

Who should be in the 2023 Metal Maidens Calendar?

Alexis 87
Alice 26
Brooke 100
Caleb 5
Cassidy 2
Ciera Aroura 2
Daisy 57
Domina 70
Emma jade 2
Heaven 1
Hellkat 187
Jaded Jenn 3
Jules the Ghoul 166
Killer Kay 112
Lily Kinx 62
Lola Stone 40
Metal Mandy 24
Metal Witch 73
Naima 59
Oktobre 15
Paige Prada 93
Percy 0
Selene 47
Stella Void 52
Stephanie Rose 0
Stevie 95
Tex 74
Tiffany Grimm 5
Violet 59
Vixen Tiff 45
1569 responses





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Lola Stone


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