TURIN: UK Blackened Death Quintet Unleashes “Hopeless Solutions” Video; The Unforgiving Reality...

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This material is some of the heaviest and most savage.” — Kerrang Radio

Today, UK heavyweights of misery, the intense and visceral TURIN (formerly This Is Turin), delivers their new single, “Hopeless Solutions,” from their upcoming album The Unforgiving Reality In Nothing, set for release on July 12th via MNRK Heavy.

The Unforgiving Reality In Nothing is an unflinching glimpse into the harsh realities of what it means to be human, mental health, the loss of faith, and struggling to let go of trauma in a desperate attempt to find yourself. “Hopeless Solutions” is a brutal and uncompromising anti-establishment death metal anthem that the band notes “focuses on how twisted and broken humanity has become. The feeling of fighting tooth and nail to defy corruption, greed, and tyranny but ultimately failing as history repeats itself…”

Watch TURIN’s “Hopeless Solutions” video at THIS LOCATION.

Watch the band’s previously released video for “Loss” at THIS LOCATION.  

For The Unforgiving Reality In NothingTURIN worked with one of the UK’s finest heavy metal producers and multiple Heavy Music Awards nominee Lewis Johns (Loathe, Rolo Tomassi, Ithaca, Employed To Serve, Svalbard, Conjurer, Pupil Slicer) creating a milestone in the band’s long history in the metal scene, a pure evolution of their sound and writing ability to define a new chapter for UK deathcore.

Find The Unforgiving Reality In Nothing preorders at THIS LOCATION.

The Unforgiving Reality In Nothing Track Listing: 

  1. Envy
  2. Abyssal
  3. I Am The Truth
  4. Apostate
  5. Ghost
  6. Reflections
  7. The Unforgiving Reality In Nothing
  8. Loss
  9. Hopeless Solutions
  10. Our Reality In Nothing

Influenced by a diverse range of extreme music subgenres, TURIN is known for their bludgeoning live shows, earning them Kerrang’s MCN Live Award with appearances at the UK’s top festivals such as Bloodstock Open Air and Techfest plus support tours with Martyr Defiled, Decapitated, Within Destruction, Hacktavist, Ingested, SikTh, Origin, and Dragged Into Sunlight.


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