Winners of the online portion of the 2024 Metal Maidens Calendar Contest!

This announcement marks an exciting moment for those who follow the Metal Maidens Calendar Contest. Now that the online portion of the contest is completed, the action moves to the in-person event, which is shaping up to be an electrifying evening at the Crypt in Denver, Colorado. At the Calendar Release Party on January 5th, attendees will have a chance to meet the 13 contestants in person and cast their votes. 

1.           Killer Kay                           

2.           Spit Fire                             

3.           Stella Void                        

4.           Domina                           

5.           Hellkat                             

6.           Paige Prada                      

7.           Lily Kinx                            

8.           Ash                                   

9.           Lola Stone                         

10.         Metal Witch                     

11.         Daisy                                  

12.         Jaded Jenn                       

13.         Jules the Ghoul                

The event promises not only the opportunity to influence the outcome of the contest but also to enjoy a night of live metal performances. With bands like Human Paint, It's Always Sunny in Tijuana, Goat Hill Massacre, and Abysmal Womb on the bill, the musical lineup covers a range of metal subgenres, promising a show that's both diverse and engaging. Adding an extra element of intrigue and entertainment to the event is the appearance of The Enigma live, a performer known for his unique and often shocking shows.


Everyone who attends will have a hand in deciding the winners of the three titles: Iron Maiden, Metal Maiden, and Maiden of the year for 2024, adding a community-driven aspect to the event. Fans of the metal scene and the Metal Maidens will surely not want to miss this opportunity to support their favorite contestants and enjoy a night of camaraderie and metal music! 

See you all January 5th at the Crypt in Denver Colorado 

Online ticket details on our website 

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