Beat the Deadline! Enter the 2024 Metal Maidens Calendar Contest Now 🤘📆

Hey Rockers and Metalheads,


🔥 ATTENTION! The final countdown has begun! 🔥

The deadline to enter the scorching hot 2024 Metal Maidens Calendar Contest is swiftly approaching on November 28th! If you're ready to showcase your metal spirit for every month of the year, then listen up – here are the steps you need to take to throw your hat in the ring:


1. Application: Start by filling out your application to join the ranks of the Metal Maidens. Make your way to our website and complete the form at


2. Entry Fee: Solidify your entry by heading over to to pay your entry fee. Keep in mind that this is your golden ticket to potential calendar stardom! (Look for our fee waiver form if you can't pay your entry fee.)

3. Casting Calls: Don't miss our last 2 open casting calls of the year! These are your final opportunities to strut your stuff in person before the big day:

- November 18th at Vision Comics. Details on the vibe and what to bring can be found right here: 

- November 26th at the Heavy Metal Flea Market. Get more info on what to expect and how to prepare here: 


4. Photo Submission: Have your best pictures ready and submit them before the clock strikes midnight on November 28th. Upload your killer shots here: 

(If you don't see a folder with your name on it create one.)

5. Collect Votes: Sharpen your social media skills because from December 1st to 3rd, 2023, it's all about getting those online votes to secure your spot in our 13-month tribute to metal's finest!

If you can rally your legion of fans to support you, you'll not only grace the pages of our calendar but also get the chance to:

💥 Join us at the exclusive calendar release party on January 5th, 2024

💥 Battle for the crown, sash, and the enviable title, along with cash and prizes!

Do you have what it takes to be a 2024 Metal Maiden? Prove it! This is your time to shine alongside the heavy metal elite. Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers like a killer guitar solo.


Stay Heavy, Stay Metal,

Your Metal Maidens Team


P.S. Remember, the louder the metal, the prouder the maiden! Spread the word and rock on! 🤘🎸

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